Time was born in the mind of a doer

Time has no speed, it’s only in our mind, that it goes slower or faster.
Time has no limit, it’s in our mind, that it’s going on or is over. ‎
Time has no intention, it is in our mind, that it hurts or heal.
Time is no body, it is in our mind that we treat it like a living being.
Time has no life, it is a thought born with us and dies with us. ‎
Time never moves, only our perception does…‎

Time is a milestone: we created the concept of time to mark our journey, but sometimes we make it a bully in our mind, who is asking us to do unpleasant things and we fight against it.
Idea of Time is produced for division of our chores, but in our mind we make it the bad boss, demanding too much from us. ‎
Time is neither an ally nor a foe.  It only shows us, when to stop and when to start. Time is in us, so we are the ones controlling it.
Nothing should be left on time to be done, it becomes procrastination because as time is no body, it has no hands to do it, or mind to finish it.
Things which happen on their own time, their time is not your time because, their perception is not your perception. However, if you look closely you will find that things which we leave for time to do, are never done until we do them ourselves, then also we believe that time will heal our pain. The fact is, we forget things after sometime and that is what is healing.
Time is not a person, to do anything we ask it to do, we only mark the events n incidents with time to understand the progress of a particular task .
The time wouldn’t start something, or finish it by it’s own.‎ Time has no feelings, as to be good or bad to someone.
Time is non-biased because of it’s illusionary existence. The only reality that time is about, can be seen through action and not by sitting idle. Time is designed for those who are working for something and are moving constantly, it is a device for them to remember the details by packing them in a particular division of hours in a day…otherwise time is nothing but something left behind. For future, there is no time and for present if you don’t mark it, you will forget things faster then third arm of a clock moves.

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Trish Angel

I am a Poet & writer. I belong to Rishikesh and the influence of city is inevitable in my writings, and so I mostly focus on Sufism, spirituality and moral conducts ( religious and non-religious) as the theme of my stories, poems, and articles.

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