where are we heading to our young friends?

I don’t want to sound rude, but to me it feels like young generation lives only for one reason: girls for boys and boys for girls. Ridiculous life and pathetic lifestyle. No manners, uncivilized behavior. Alcohol and all sort of intoxication (medically unfit for any job). Entertainment entertainment and entertainment.

 All discoveries were done for comfort and not for ayyeyashi and besharmi (which everyone seems to be proud of).

I would like to thank all those people who are working for society, environment and their country, nor for awards neither for fun. They are doing it by understanding and with a real vision.

Life is full of art and science but spectators are as useless as skeptical, contributing nothing and wasting a lot.

I really hope that people will understand that following a trend on networking site won’t change the picture of India, neither will beautiful faces. Only Working brains and hard-working hands will.

Smart working isn’t as same as being lazy. It is achieving realistic goals by real methods.

Running a company won’t ensure that we are contributing in economy, but where and how we spend our money will determine the other half of it.

Wearing branded makeup and designer clothes won’t make women beautiful but their sensitive and motherly hearts and tender yet creative minds. Now we don’t expect the man to become a mother do we?

Men won’t be men by using deodorants, making girl friend, driving cars/bikes but by gracefully doing their duties for which nature has given them physical and emotional strength better than most women.

Like a cat can’t bark and a dog won’t catch mice, no man and woman can play each other’s role better than their own.

I feel as if someone has shaken the world and everything is up and down.

Women want to get rid of their own bodies and men want to shake off their responsibilities.

If u believe in science then please read biological, psychological and emotional structure of a man and a woman and see, what makes them human and what makes them complete in oneself.

 Mostly, nobody is doing what they should do, that is what India is like right now and if these kids are our future, I must say one day we will be all sick mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically and it won’t be fun. And this is not my emotional outbreak or mental downfall. If no man is complete without a woman and no woman is complete without a man, (it is not romantic, it is very reasonable) no human is complete without nature. We are only advanced animals. We have homes but we live on ground. If we were meant to fly, we would but then who knows buffalo’s and cows would also fly?

We have resources we are exploiting them. Freedom is one such resource. Being independent is a challenge. India took 60+ years to understand it and see those little teenagers; they think they know it all. Why? Because we have educated them with minds full of nothing.

Now when people cry that why we waste milk on temple and poor people don’t get nothing, I request them to go and close all the liqueur shops and see how many lives improve tomorrow, give up your movies and send food and clothes to poor people, stop wasting your money on entertainment entertainment and only entertainment and see how woman and children trafficking goes down. See how many people are saved by little sacrifices but no everyone buys alcohol every weekend and weaken their livers. Is it medically right to booze till you lose yourself. Rave parties? Porn? You know that is destroying us and not the milk and oil wasted in temples.

 Reservation is required because children of rich aren’t really great minds, even after getting the best education otherwise they would know ‘akela chana bhaad nahi fod sakta’.

No dangey would be there if anyone realized that it’s out country people, it’s our state property which we are damaging. But why should they, who don’t even recognize their own family would care about nation?

And claiming that they are thinking about welfare of people.

It is not about one person, it’s about everyone.

 Will the kids who are under the effect of one or other drugs, become good leaders? It is not possible. They don’t even stand a chance to become athlete.

Now we see everything with our own eyes but we have no conscience to understand the right or wrong but see how we see the good n the evil, like judges.

Celebrating  diwali, holi for what? Crackers, new clothiers, more booze and parties?

Celebrating raksha bandhan for what? New clothes, gifts, booze and party.

Why are we even celebrating those days, we are all ravana and holika, we have become the assures.

I despise my country people for being so irresponsible and unjustified, towards their coming generations and complaining about ‘kalyug’. The biggest joke.

We are all writing our fate by our actions. I don’t say there is nothing positive but these negative factors which I mentioned shows our ignorance, our foolishness and short-sightedness.

Being a citizen and a woman, I want to get rid of it rather than losing my tenderness and sensitivity, don’t you?

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Trish Angel

I am a Poet & writer. I belong to Rishikesh and the influence of city is inevitable in my writings, and so I mostly focus on Sufism, spirituality and moral conducts ( religious and non-religious) as the theme of my stories, poems, and articles.

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