Knowledge And It’s Power

God has given horns to cattle to protect themselves. Sharp incisors (teeth), long nails and a powerful body to lions to be the king of beasts but we are not gifted with any horns or powerful body yet we are able to conquer all the creatures on earth because…. we have been blessed with an abstract power which indeed is more vigorous and powerful. This power is called ‘wisdom’ as it not only protects us from any adversity but also enables to rule over others.
‘Wisdom’ is discovered by practicing knowledge and knowledge……
According to ‘Manusmriti’, One- fourth of our knowledge comes from our teacher, one fourth from study, One- fourth from co-students and One- fourth by experience in the passage of time. Knowledge is responsible for exhilaration as well as destruction in one’s life as it may be used as a weapon or a lamp. Thus We ought to pray to God to take care of our ‘wisdom’.

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