This………. You’ll Miss

EVER Been to HARIDWAR? And yet not able to find out, figure out, why and what you did? And for what?

Here is a clue, A physical visit to haridwar is no doubt a pleasure in itself but if it is limited to the already existing senses of yours physical being, there is something odd, Sooner or later you are bound to ask yourself that what exactly you gained from the visit?

If you had already been there and reading this then also it is okay because you are still alive and reading this stuff and whatever you’ve missed can be covered up in next visit. And now if you are planning then here it is, for you, EVER questioned yourself about what state of mind you are in when you visit a particular place or temple in Haridwar, what you should be seeking there? What you deserve from that visit?

You are deprived off the truth just because you are not knowing how, where and what to feel in that place and what demands are to be put in that place and what mental and material upliftment you can get from that place and how you can be getting the showers of blessing  from that place?

Why you are not feeling the shade of the canopy of that blessed place?

 So here we are for you, let the almighty lead us through… bye for now.

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Haridwar, really Gateway to God, is one of the Hindu holy places in India. Haridwar is a place where people come for spirituality, Yoga, Meditation, Inner Peace, and haridwar is also famous for Har Ki Pauri, Temples, Ashrams, Akhada, & how we can forget MAHA KUMBH....

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